4 Foods That Trigger Acne Off

Having flawless and bright skin without any pesky pimples is everyone's dream. But if a pimple breaks out, it will instantly turn into an atrocious nightmare. Don't panic! You can inhibit its growth by cutting down on the food that triggers the pimples off in the first place.

There are a number of factors triggering pimples off. They break out due to stress, hormone, and foods. Although pimples can occur anytime, it doesn't mean that you can't inhibit their growth. Preventing is better than curing, and these are 4 foods that tend to trigger acne.

1. Peanut butter

People with acne problem think that they have to quit spreading peanut butter on their toasts for breakfast since it is always considered as the culprit of an outbreak of pimples. However, a further study needs conducting as there are some people doesn't seem to be affected so much.

Peanut butters are the sources of fat, oil, carbohydrate, and protein. Once you've got unstable hormone and your insulin and blood sugar level are increased, you will be likely to produce more sebum and the glands in your skin release oil. Your follicle begins to clog up with excess oil which usually leads to the outbreak of acne.

2. Junk food

This yummy yet evil food is regarded as a part of unhealthy diet since it can cause obesity and heart diseases. But, did you know that it can also trigger off and worsen your acne problem?

A study conducted by Dartmouth Medical School in Manchester, New Hampshire, discovered that high sugar foods such as junk food can increase the insulin and sebum level which leads to the unstable hormone and, eventually, the outbreak of pimples. Junk foods are usually deep-fried foods that are rich in saturated oil. It can cause the excessive production of oil that clogs your pore up.

3. Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate. It is such a sweet and pleasing food that can be an effective way to blow off steam. Unfortunately, the sugar found in chocolate can worsen your acne. 

According to Dr. Shamban, high-fat and high-sugar foods increase the production of sebum and encourage the inflammatory in your body that can lead to acne.

4. French Fries and potato chips

High glycemic foods are said to encourage the outbreak of your pesky pimples. High glycemic foods are high carbohydrate foods such as chips and French fries. It's because high glycemic foods can increase your insulin level significantly. Besides, french fries and chips contain excess oil which will be eliminated through your pores. It will make your skin sends out more oil and promote acne.

Again, the outbreak of acne is not always caused by those four foods. It also has something to do with hormone. But if you've got some pimples on your face already, you'd better avoid overindulging in high glycemic and fatty foods just like the above 4 foods because they can worsen your acne problem. And don't forget to remove your make up and wash your face thoroughly before hitting the sack.

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