Easiest Natural Ways to Treat Acne

Acne is truly annoying. Sometimes, they are difficult to be eliminated. Genetic, hormone, dirt, and bacteria are some factors that cause acne. Dirt and bacteria are the most common causes of acne. So, it is important to know some ways to treat acne by reducing the inflammation caused by bacteria and cleanse your face from dirt effectively. Here are the easiest natural ways to treat acne you can do every day at home.

1. Applying Honey Mask Regularly

Using herbal ingredients is one of the safe ways to treat acne. Honey has acid properties that are helpful to prevent bacteria growth that causes acne. So, your skin is safe from inflammation and acne healing process will be faster. It is also well known as a natural moisturizer and eliminates dead skin cells faster. Apply 1 tablespoon of pure honey on your skin every night before bed time. Make sure you have cleansed your face before. 

2. Using Lime Solution for Cleanser and Toner 

How does lime treat acne? Lime contains a high level of vitamin C. This vitamin is required to promote collagen formation. High level of collagen in your skin is effective to smooth your skin and reduce acne. Lime also contains citric acid that is able to get rid of dead skin cells on your skin surface. It is a natural astringent to reduce excess oil as well as to firm your skin quickly.
Squeeze the lime and mix the juice with a couple drops of water. It is needed to minimize a poignant reaction once you apply it on your skin. Apply the lime solution thoroughly on your face and leave it for 30 minutes. Then, rinse your face using warm water. Apply this treatment regularly to prevent your skin from acne as well as reduce the existing acne.

3. Consume More Water 

Do you know that water level in your body helps to regenerate cells? It looks trivial but gives big benefit to your skin health. Why? It is because water cleans your kidney from toxins. When your kidney is full of toxins, the body system reacts by expelling them through your skins. So, all the ways to treat acne are more effective with consuming 8 glasses of water every day. Water also smooths blood circulation and help to cleanse the blood. Clean blood promotes natural and fast cell regeneration. 

4. Cleanse Your Face Routinely

This is an actually simple and easy routine, but sometimes people are too lazy to do it. Unfortunately, most of the acne problems are caused by dirty skin. When you cleanse your face regularly, all debris, dirt, and oil can be removed. Therefore, you prevent your skin from acne. Cleanse or wash your face twice a day by using the right facial foam or milk cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. 
So, don’t be in hurry to go to a dermatologist and undergo some dermatological procedures that spend your dollars. If you do these ways to treat acne regularly, you will be safe from terrible acne. 

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