Understanding the Baby Acne


Baby acne is defined as an acne develops on a newborn's skin. Baby acne may takes place anywhere on the baby's face, yet it usually appears on the cheeks, nose and forehead. Baby acne is common for babies, but it is usually temporary. 


Baby acne usually begins with some small red bumps or pustules on the cheeks, nose, and forehead of a baby. Often times, this acne develops during the first two to four weeks after the birth. It get worse when the baby is crying. 


There is no clear answer for the causes of baby acne. However, experts argue that the the hormones delivers by the mother to the babies at the end of pregnancy as a cause of baby acne. However, researchers continue to study other factors and have yet to agree on one cause.

Medication or Treatment 

There are some ways of treating the baby acne:

1. Use a mild non-drying soap soap to wash your baby

This is because the problem is the soap. Try discontinuing use of the baby's soap and see if the condition gets better. Sometimes, mild soaps are not all that "mild."

2. Skip lotions or creams that may cause pore clogs 

Unless your baby has severely dry skin, use a moisturizing baby wash instead of lotion until the acne clears. If your baby's back, neck and chest don't show signs of acne, you can apply a mild lotion to these areas.

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