5 Things to Avoid During the Acne Scars Treatment

It is really annoying to have acne scars. People will have less confidence due to these acne scars. Though acne is curable, there are some aspects you need to consider as you want to get rid of it, for both those to do and those to avoid.

Dr. Jessica Flourencia from klikdokter.com advises that there are 5 things to avoid during the acne scars treatment.

1. Trying more than one acne medication in once 

Because of being desperate for not getting rid of acne soon after applying one kind of medication, the acne scars patients usually try more than one medication at once. This way tends to irritate you skin and eventually will result in black nodes on your face. The way you apply the more than one medication will only make it worse than you expect. 

2. Washing your face too often 

Washing your face too often will not help you getting rid of acne. It even makes your face gets irritated. Besides, without washing your face cleanly, this  will make your face irritated, too. Choose the face foam with non sensitive pH, i.e. those whose pH of 6 - 6.5.

3. Pressing and popping acne

Pressing and popping acne will result in more severe acne scars. This will, in turn, make the getting rid of acne longer than it should be. Besides, there will be some black nodes on the places of acne resides. Let the acne gets rid normally.

4. Being late of vising your doctor or dermatologist 

Never being late of visiting your doctor nor dermatologist. Not all home treatments of acne work as they should, and even worse than expected. If you find the condition, go visiting your doctor or dermatologist to consult what should you do next to get rid of acne scars. 

5. Do not follow the instruction of applying the medication 

To get rid of acne means you have to follow the instruction attached on the medication you are applying for. What has been formulated and instructed is what the company produces through the deep laboratory researches and other experiments. Do not over use the medication as this will result in irritation and reddish color of your face. If you use less than instructed, it will result in the effects of longer medication.

These five things are tips you have to apply to get rid of acne permanently.

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