Papules: A Tender Type of Acne

Papules are small, firm cone-shaped bumps that are pink in color. It’s basically a fancy name for an inflamed whitehead. This is tender to touch unlike other forms of acne. Not to be gross, Papules acne picture but they contain no pus. Since they don’t contain pus it is better for you to never pop or poke them. If you do you might seriously irritate your skin and aggravate your existing pimples – and possibly end up with a permanent scar – with zero effect on the papules themselves..

Popules are also usually coming from lesions that occur on the skin that begin to slightly swell but still in small size and dense. The mild mild acne is easy to cure and control. Remember that dealing with thit type of acne is never squeeze pimples, because it will only make skin pores get inflamed and enlarged.

The best way to get rid of this kind of acne is doing such a facial treatment. The treatment itself will not make them inflamed and enlarged that finally make them tougher and you will find hard to cure. Getting rid of this kind of acne will not take you more than a week, as long as you have greater willingness to do the effort.  And some treatment will only take you 3 days to overcome. 

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